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I blog about:
  • The primal diet- Living without grains, legumes, sugar, processed food and limited dairy.
  • Natural living and health
  • Parenting/ parenting primal kids
  • Living on a tight budget

About Me:

I grew up with pretty mainstream ideas about health and life but things started to change after I had my first child. Victor developed severe and chronic eczema starting at 3 months of age. My poor baby had open sores and rashes all over his face. When our pediatrician couldn't help us I turned to the library and internet to research eczema and health.

Over the next few years I completely changed my understanding of what it is too be healthy. My second and third babies were born at home and we started eating a traditional whole foods diet. Although we cheated quite a bit and I was still battling a major sugar addiction.

A few months ago I came across the primal/paleo diet and I knew that it was just what we needed. After a hard first couple weeks we are doing much better with our eating habits and sugar consumption. I feel happy and energetic when I eat this way and I have noticed my children act better as well. My husband does not follow a primal diet all the time but since that's the food I buy and fix he sorta does by default. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose (60+lbs) but I know I will get there soon.

Even after all that I have learned and tried for my son's eczema is it still something we struggle with. We have learned to control it so it doesn't bother him so bad and we have identified several things he is allergic to (eggs, almonds, dust mites, dogs) but we are still trying to find the real cause.

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