Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emergency Prepardness For The Primal Home Part 3- Where Do I Store All This Food?

This post is part three in a series. Don't miss part one and part two.

Photo by thebittenword

Now that you have read through the list of shelf stable primal foods you may be wondering where in the heck you are going to keep all this extra food.

The good news is that even in small apartments there is room for food storage. If you make it a priority.

First let me say that you should not store food in the garage or attic. Unless these are temperature controlled the hot and cold extremes will cause food to go bad a lot quicker.

Besides the usual built in food pantry and cabinets here are some places you may not have thought of.

  • Clean out the kitchen and get rid of unused appliances or extra Tupperware. This should free up a lot of extra space in the cupboards.
  • Use baskets on top of refrigerator.  
  • Under the bed. Use cardboard or plastic storage boxes to make getting the food in and out easier.
  • Store extra bed sheets between the mattress and box spring so that you can use the linen closet for food. 
  • Clean out your bedroom closet and get rid of what you don't use. Install extra shelves to use the space more efficiently.
  • Under the coffee table. Use baskets or a table cloth to hide the food or buy a table that has built in storage.  
  •  If your washer and dryer are not in the garage then you can use the extra space above them by installing shelves.
  • Put a bookshelf in the dinning room and hang a decorative curtain around it to hide the food inside.
  • If you have an entire wall that is clear from furniture install floor to ceiling shelving and cover with a long decorative curtain. This will hold a huge amount of food.
 Do you have any other ideas? Where do you store your emergency food?

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